The series cast numbers over 213 actors. There are 10 starring cast members, 4 special guest stars, 65 guest stars, and 134 co-stars. There are several notable uncredited cast members, often playing themselves as the host or musical guest of the show.


  1. Matthew Perry as Matt Albie (21 episodes)
  2. Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere (21 episodes)
  3. Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp (21 episodes)
  4. Steven Weber as Jack Rudolph (22 episodes)
  5. D.L. Hughley as Simon Stiles (22 episodes)
  6. Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes (22 episodes)
  7. Nate Corddry as Tom Jeter (22 episodes)
  8. Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley (20 episodes)
  9. Evan Handler as Ron Oswald (4 episodes)
  10. Carlos Jacott as Ricky Tahoe (4 episodes)

Special guest starringEdit

  1. Ed Asner as Wilson White (6 episodes)
  2. Christine Lahti as Martha O'Dell (3 episodes)
  3. Judd Hirsch as Wes Mendell ()
  4. Eli Wallach as Eli Weinraub ()

Guest starringEdit

  1. Nate Torrence as Dylan Killington (19 episodes, 5 as a co-star)
  2. Ayda Field as Jeannie Whatley (16 episodes)
  3. Camille Chen as Samantha Li (15 episodes, 4 as a co-star)
  4. Lucy Davis as Lucy Kenwright (15 episodes)
  5. Simon Helberg as Alex Dwyer (14 episodes, 4 as a co-star)
  6. Merritt Wever as Suzanne (12 episodes)
  7. Columbus Short as Darius Hawthorne (10 episodes)
  8. Mark McKinney as Andy Mackinaw (10 episodes)
  9. Diana-Maria Riva as Lilly Rodriguez (8 episodes, 1 uncredited)
  10. John Mahon as George (7 episodes)
  11. Josh Stamberg as Luke Scott (6 episodes)
  12. John Ennis as Denny (6 episodes, 5 as a co-star)
  13. Raymond Ma as Zhang Tao (5 episodes)
  14. Julia Ling as Kim Tao (5 episodes)
  15. Kari Matchett as Mary Tate (5 episodes)
  16. Stephanie Childers as Hallie Gallaway (4 episodes)
  17. JD Walsh as Jess (4 episodes)
  18. James Lesure as Captain Boyle (3 episodes)
  19. Wendy Phillips as Shelley Green (3 episodes)
  20. Michael Stuhlbarg as Jerry Jones (2 episodes)
  21. Michael Hyatt as Maisie (2 episodes)
  22. Casey Sander as Bevo (2 episodes)
  23. Teddy Sears as Darren Wells (2 episodes, 1 as a co-star)
  24. John Goodman as Judge Robert Bebe (2 episodes)
  25. Jay Paulson as Deputy Roger Boone (2 episodes)
  26. Michael Kostroff as David Langenfeld (2 episodes)
  27. Kelvin Yu as Kevin Yu (2 episodes)
  28. Cyia Batten as Wendy (2 episodes)
  29. Vernee Watson-Johnson as Zelda (2 episodes, 1 as a co-star)
  30. Jayma Mayes as Daphne ("Pilot")
  31. Donna Murphy as Blair ("Pilot")
  32. Margaret Easley as Constance Gower ()
  33. Scott Klace as Peter Goldman ("The Cold Open")
  34. Kimberley Huie as Jane ("The Cold Open")
  35. Mircea Monroe as Crystal ()
  36. Rob Nagle as the Moderator ("The Focus Group")
  37. Fred Stoller as Lenny Gold ()
  38. Harry Van Gorkum as Martin Sykes ()
  39. Zeb Newman as Trevor Loughlin ("The Long Lead Story")
  40. Nancy Lenehan as Mrs. Jeter ("The Wrap Party")
  41. Randy Oglesby as Mr. Jeter ("The Wrap Party")
  42. Mystro Clark as Willy Wilz ("The Wrap Party")
  43. Christopher Shea as Jim ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  44. Daniel Escobar as Jim's Friend ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  45. Todd Stashwick as Bill ()
  46. Ben Bode as the OB/GYN doctor ()
  47. Scott Lawrence as NBC legal counsel ("The Christmas Show")
  48. Juan Garcia as Ian ("The Christmas Show")
  49. Kurt Fuller as Ted Atkins ()
  50. Christian Camargo as Actor playing Keith Richards ()
  51. Molly Price as Nona Pruitt ()
  52. Stephen Tobolowsky as Joe ()
  53. Joseph Lyle Taylor as Tim Batale ("The Friday Night Slaughter")
  54. Gina La Piana as Diana Valdes ("The Friday Night Slaughter")
  55. Tamala Jones as Claire ()
  56. Christine Adams as Stefanie ("The Disaster Show")
  57. Shawn Michael Patrick as Gino ("The Disaster Show")
  58. Austin Basis as Robby ("The Disaster Show")
  59. Nick Nordella as Robbie Wyatt ("The Disaster Show")
  60. Tony Perez as Howard ()
  61. Timothy Davis-Reed as Lieutenant Pierce ("K & R: Part 1")
  62. Amy Hill as Nurse ()
  63. Tom Virtue as Leon Kussman ("K & R: Part 2")
  64. Matt McCoy as Russell ("K & R: Part 2")
  65. Rich Hutchman as a Reporter ("K & R: Part 2")


  1. John F. Carpenter as Herb Sheldon (9 episodes)
  2. Joey Thurston III as Cue card tech (9 episodes, 2 uncredited)
  3. William Stanford Davis as Floor Manager (8 episodes)
  4. Kirstin Pierce as Marylyn Rudolph (3 episodes)
  5. Amy Honey as Jenny - P.A. #1 (5 episodes, 1 uncredited)
  6. Wendle Josepher as Deb (4 episodes)
  7. John Cabrera as Elliot (4 episodes)
  8. Ben Murray as Louis (3 episodes)
  9. Jah Shams as P.A. #2 (3 episodes)
  10. Emiko Parise as Emiko (3 episodes)
  11. William Duffy as a DJ (3 episodes, voice only, 1 uncredited)
  12. Chris Hogan as Hal (2 episodes)
  13. Amir Talai as Fred (2 episodes)
  14. Lee Dawson as a State Trooper (2 episodes)
  15. Stephen Alvarez as TV News Anchor (2 episodes)
  16. Nina Mann as Shirley (2 episodes)
  17. Eddie Hassell as Cody (2 episodes)
  18. Jackie Michele Johnson as Cody's #1 Fan (2 episodes)
  19. Lisa M. Haskins as Jill (2 episodes)
  20. Amanda Tepe as Bobbie (2 episodes, 1 uncredited)
  21. Elizabeth Sung as Mrs. Tao (2 episodes, 1 uncredited)
  22. Three 6 Mafia as Themselves - Musical Guests ("Pilot")
  23. Jennifer Pennington as a Control Room Assistant ("Pilot")
  24. Clement Blake as Cue Card Man ("Pilot")
  25. Dave Allen Clark as Monitor Reporter #1 ("Pilot")
  26. Glen Walker as Monitor Reporter #2 ("Pilot")
  27. Shaun Robinson as Monitor Reporter #3 ("Pilot")
  28. Dilva Henry as Monitor Reporter #4 ("Pilot")
  29. Andrew Friedman as Alan ("Pilot")
  30. Joshua Weinstein as Michael ("Pilot")
  31. Mandy Siegfried as Julie ("Pilot")
  32. Kris Murphy as Karen ("Pilot")
  33. Josh Phillips as M.C. ("Pilot")
  34. Akiva Goldsman as Himself ("Pilot")
  35. Rod Tate as a Security Man ("Pilot")
  36. Samantha Coker as a Waitress ("Pilot")
  37. Samantha Schacher as a Waitress ("Pilot")
  38. John Mauceri as Himself ("The Cold Open")
  39. Bill Escudier as Mitch ("The Cold Open")
  40. Mark Edward Smith as Joe Reardon ("The Cold Open")
  41. Robin Karfo as Gail ("The Cold Open")
  42. Bob Jesser as Bill ("The Cold Open")
  43. Terry Walters as Kathleen ("The Cold Open")
  44. Edward Stanley as Martin ("The Cold Open")
  45. Ursula Garcia-Schmidt as Veronica ("The Cold Open")
  46. Parisa Fitz-Henley as Celia ("The Cold Open")
  47. Jane Yamamoto as a TV reporter ("The Cold Open")
  48. Tom Ayers as a Participant ("The Focus Group")
  49. Bayana Ison as a Concierge ("The Focus Group")
  50. Nathan Dana Aldrich as a Fan ("The Focus Group")
  51. Staci B. Flood as Staci ("The West Coast Delay")
  52. Karla Andrade as Karla ("The West Coast Delay")
  53. Kasey Campbell as Kasey ("The West Coast Delay")
  54. Telisha Shaw as Telisha ("The West Coast Delay")
  55. Amita Balla as Antonia ("The West Coast Delay")
  56. Stephanie Jeffrey as a Waitress ("The Long Lead Story")
  57. Joseph Will as Agent #1 ("The Long Lead Story")
  58. Liza de Weerd as Agent #2 ("The Long Lead Story")
  59. Sarah Christine Smith as Treasure ("The Wrap Party")
  60. Vanessa Born as Laci ("The Wrap Party")
  61. Hayley Marie Norman as Shana ("The Wrap Party")
  62. Budd Friedman as Himself ("The Wrap Party")
  63. Gregg D. Wilson as Improv MC ("The Wrap Party")
  64. Stacey Hinnen as Sound Engineer #1 ("The Wrap Party")
  65. Mike Zent as Sound Engineer #2 ("The Wrap Party")
  66. Alejandro Furth as Security Officer #1 ("The Wrap Party")
  67. Reggie Jordan as Security Officer #2 ("The Wrap Party")
  68. Geno Monteiro as Posse Boy #1 ("The Wrap Party")
  69. Brett Barrett as Posse Boy #2 ("The Wrap Party")
  70. Chris Flanders as Detective Trentanelli ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  71. Joshua Wolf Coleman as Detective Hillary ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  72. Ron Ostrow as Richard ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  73. Larry A. Macias as a P.A. ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  74. Josh DuBose as Fan #2 ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  75. CeCi Parker as Executive ("Nevada Day: Part 1")
  76. D. David Morin as Finney ()
  77. Jennifer Lee as a Flight Attendant ("Nevada Day: Part 2")
  78. Monica Garcia as Nurse ("B-12")
  79. Tate Hanyok as Carrie ("B-12")
  80. Christopher Carley as Jeff ("B-12")
  81. Hallie Lambert as Deal or No Deal Girl ("B-12")
  82. Kevin Eubanks as himself ("The Christmas Show")
  83. Troy Michael Andrews as the Trumpet player ("The Christmas Show")
  84. Mimi Cozzens as Mrs. White ("The Christmas Show")
  85. Teresa Huang as a Nurse ("The Christmas Show")
  86. Larry Stahoviak as an Assistant ("The Christmas Show")
  87. Sean Donnellan as Philip ("The Harriet Dinner: Part I")
  88. Ross Mackenzie as Phil Ribner ("The Harriet Dinner: Part I")
  89. Brian Hatton as Director of Photography ("The Harriet Dinner: Part I")
  90. Richard Wharton as Photographer ("The Harriet Dinner: Part I")
  91. Hilary Griffiths as Tina ("The Harriet Dinner: Part I")
  92. Robert Noble as Crew Foreman ("The Harriet Dinner: Part II")
  93. Alix Angelis as Twin Fan of Cody ("The Harriet Dinner: Part II")
  94. Kris Angelis as Twin fan of Cody ("The Harriet Dinner: Part II")
  95. Sara Raftery as Cody's 2nd Fan ("The Harriet Dinner: Part II")
  96. Jennifer Peo as a P.A. ("The Friday Night Slaughter")
  97. Valeri Ross as Mrs. Dobson ("The Friday Night Slaughter" Voice)
  98. Matthew Dowling as Bernie ("The Friday Night Slaughter")
  99. Michie Madison as a Press Reporter ("The Friday Night Slaughter")
  100. Blake Hood as Actor Playing Scott ()
  101. John Hemphill as A.D. ("4 AM Miracle")
  102. Sharon Brathwaite as P.A. #5 ("4 AM Miracle")
  103. Maxine Bahns as Lena ("4 AM Miracle")
  104. William Stanford Davis as Floor manager ("4 AM Miracle")
  105. Matthew Dowling as Bernie ("4 AM Miracle")
  106. Grant Oge as Camera assistant ("4 AM Miracle")
  107. Tara Radcliffe as Jennifer ()
  108. Jennifer Pennington as Assistant ("The Disaster Show")
  109. Ruben Pla as Cue Card Guy ("The Disaster Show")
  110. Peter Story as P.A. #6 ("The Disaster Show")
  111. Chet Grissom as Canine Officer ("The Disaster Show")
  112. Eriq F. Prince as Officer #1 ("The Disaster Show")
  113. Chic Daniel as Officer #2 ("The Disaster Show")
  114. Yervant Hagopian as Patrick ("The Disaster Show")
  115. David O. Katz as Man in Green Room ("The Disaster Show")
  116. Evan Gaustad as Waiter ("Breaking News")
  117. Annika P. Smith as Billie ("Breaking News")
  118. David Brownstein as a P.A. 7 ("Breaking News")
  119. Leslie Connelly as Steffi ("K & R: Part 1")
  120. Gwen Holloway as Nurse ("K & R: Part 1")
  121. Rich Skidmore as Newscaster ("K & R: Part 1")
  122. Joanna Strapp as Attendant ("K & R: Part 1")
  123. Matt Weinhold as Actor / Hannibal ("K & R: Part 2")
  124. Gina St. John as Reporter #1 ("K & R: Part 2")
  125. Mark Bloom as Reporter #2 ("K & R: Part 2")
  126. Leyna Nguyen as News Anchor ("K & R: Part 2")
  127. Mel Fair as Newscaster ("K & R: Part 2")
  128. Gwen Holloway as a Nurse ("K & R: Part 2")
  129. James M. Connor as Mike ()
  130. Matt Weinhold as a Sketch Player ("K & R: Part 3")
  131. Kimberly Topper as Stacey ("K & R: Part 3")
  132. Deirdre M. Smith as a Nurse ()
  133. Emmett Miller as a News Anchor #1 ("What Kind of Day Has It Been")
  134. Tanya Whitford as News Anchor #2 ("What Kind of Day Has It Been")


  1. Felicity Huffman as Herself - Guest Host ("Pilot")
  2. Rob Reiner as Himself - Guest Host ("The Focus Group")
  3. Lauren Graham as Herself - Guest Host ("The Long Lead Story")
  4. Sting as Himself - Musical Guest ("The Long Lead Story")
  5. Lauren Graham as Herself - Guest Host ("The Wrap Party")
  6. Howie Mandel as Himself - Guest Host ("B-12")
  7. Corinne Bailey Rae as Herself - Musical Guest ("B-12")
  8. Bob French as Himself - Musical Guest ("The Christmas Show")
  9. Kirk Joseph as Himself - Musical Guest ("The Christmas Show")
  10. Roderick Paulin as Himself - Musical Guest ("The Christmas Show")
  11. Masi Oka as Himself - Guest Host ("The Harriet Dinner: Part II")
  12. Allison Janney as Herself - Guest Host ("The Disaster Show")
  13. Jenna Fischer as Herself - Guest Host ("Breaking News")
  14. Gren Bel Fisher as Himself - Musical Guest ("Breaking News")
  15. Martin Sheen as Radio Host ("K & R: Part 3" voice)