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Defaker was a blog devoted to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBS). It is not clear who the primary contributors were to the blog, but they said that they would "have the latest and greatest in Studio 60 gossip."


Sometime over the weekend of September 23rd, 2006, the blog was taken off line. "Comments posted on the blog soon ran the gamut from ad hominem, unreprintable assaults on the quality of the new show to innuendo about NBC executives' alleged drug habits to a complaint by a viewer that "I keep running in to the harsh reality of Studio $6.75 — where janitors work full time for poverty wages and no health care benefits." [1]

Why the site was removed may never be known, however, the negative reaction seems to be from the fact that the blog had nothing new to offer to fans that had seen the episode months ago and that the blatant rip-off of [1] were concsidered unattractive.


The site can no longer be accessed from the defaker address, nor is there a back door link from NBC's Universal Webpage.

The ArticlesEdit

There were two articles posted on Defaker before it was removed.

Wes Mendell Loses It!Edit

18 September 2006

Wes Mendell Loses It!
[ AIRDATE: 9/18/06 ] 

It’s no joke that Studio 60 hasn’t been funny since grandpappy’s day, 
but last night’s show was certainly no laughing matter, especially for 
NBS suits. If I were wearing one of those things, I’d be expecting a 
pretty big dry cleaning bill to get all the yellow sweat stains out. 

I don’t think anyone could believe it when legendary Studio 60 creator 
Wes Mendell dug deep within his pants and didn’t come up empty for 
first time in at least a decade. The man actually pulled a “Network” on 
live television by stopping the show’s cold open to deliver the 
ground-breaking news to the American populace that Studio 60 sucked and 
the network made him replace something that was incredibly funny with 
something that was incredibly lame. 

The whole thing has made waves all over town. Variety covered it 
extensively. Click here to read their whole spread! 

Yes, folks. It was 53 seconds of pure TV bliss and you gotta hand it 
to Wes for working up the courage to give America a dose of hard reality 
and to Cal, long-time Studio 60 director, for not pulling the plug when 
the pressure must have been tremendous back in the control room. That’s 
real bravery, folks, and I for one applaud it, even if the network 
muckity mucks are losing their well-cared-for hair at this very moment. 

And if Wes’s breakdown isn’t enough to get your motor running, then check 
this out. You know, sometimes dating the right people really pays off, 
even if it is someone down the totem, cause my ex-flame gave me the 
inside scoop on how this atomic explosion fell out over the entire Studio 60 
world. It goes a little something like this… 

It so happens that as Studio 60 was airing, a dinner was being held for 
the brand-spanking new NBS president, the scrumptious Jordan McDeere. 
She’s the real deal: beauty, brains, and a set of cajones to die for. 
Yeah, yeah, the NBS parent company’s stock dipped when it was announced 
she’d be taking over, but I have my money on her to go all the way. 

Apparently, her little wine and dine was interrupted with the news of 
Wes’s tirade and her immediate reaction was to hire Matt Albie and Danny 
Tripp to take the helm over at Studio 60. This didn’t sit well with NBS 
hatchet man Jack Rudolph. For those not in the know, a few years back Matt 
and Danny were Studio 60 staffers until Jack showed them the door. There 
were always rumors that their hero Wes Mendell opened it for them, and 
we’ll be sure to bring you more on that as the story plays out. Of course, 
Jack wasn’t too happy with Jordan’s brainstorm, but he had to kowtow to 
his new boss. Chick power, y’all! 

Matt and Danny received their summons to the Sunset Strip in the middle of 
a WGA awards ceremony where Matt took home the prize for best screenplay. 
We have some pictures for you here: 



Everyone loves Studio 60 cast member Harriet Hayes, right? Everyone but 
Matt, that is. You see, they used to be quite the item until she went 
on the 700 Club to promote a CD of spiritual songs she recorded. 
Apparently, Matt couldn’t put up with her rubbing shoulders with Pat 
Roberston, a man who isn’t that popular in Hollywood for his rather… 
ahem… closed-minded beliefs. When Harriet heard the news that Matt won 
a WGA award (does anyone really care about the Writers Guild?), she didn’t 
seem exactly pleased. I’m also hearing that the sketch that got cut - 
the one that sent Wes off his rocker – was called “crazy Christian” and 
was actually written four years ago by Matt when he was a Studio 60 
staff hack. 

But I digress. The damper was put on Studio 60’s traditional after-taping 
brouhaha when word spread that everyone was to return to the studio. 
For the voyeuristic among you, here’s some shots I received anonymously 
from the after-show party: 


Matt’s not the only one with personal problems. Partner Danny was a 
notorious drug hound back in the day… meaning two weeks ago. Rumors have 
been swirling that because of a failed drug test, he couldn’t get bonded
(that’s fancy Hollywood talk for “insured”) for directing his and Matt’s 
next movie. 

Jordan took full advantage of this, or so I hear. Since Jack had to fire 
Wes, Studio 60 needed new leadership, and since Danny can’t shoot a movie 
for almost two years… well… you do the math. Matt and Danny were initially
resistant to Jordan’s offer to run Studio 60, but the pull of that magic 
name was too strong and by the time the night was over, Matt and Danny 
had assembled the entire cast and crew to announce that they’d be their new 
bosses. And oh yes, they didn’t fire Cal so you can sleep easy tonight, 
because I know how much you care about TV directors. 

Here’s some shots my friend smuggled out: 



Talk about a wild night, but I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. 

Until next time, fearless readers. 

To all my new fans, I say “thank you.” To all my new detractors, I say...Edit

21 September 2006

To all my new fans, I say “thank you.” To all my new detractors, I say...

Here’s the deal (please refrain from making "Deal or No Deal" jokes; they’re
old already), I am not some corporate shill, and I certainly don’t work 
for NBS. I’m just a Studio 60 fan who’s sadly been watching the show’s decline 
over the past ten years - give or take a decade or two. 

Since I’m lucky enough to have some contacts at the show, and thought that 
other fans might find the backstage shenanigans of interest in light of the 
recent shakeup, I put together this humble blog for your reading pleasure, 
tortured prose and all. If you guys want to read some quality writing, you 
might want to pick up a book by John Steinbeck -- I recommend The Wayward Bus. 
Barring that, I hear that is pretty good, too.

And to those who think that this is “viral marketing bull” for NBS, 
viral marketing (I just looked up what this means on Wikipedia!) only works 
if people with nothing better to do jabber on about the thing in question, 
so apparently, the more you talk, the more I grow stronger…. 
insert evil laughter here.

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