Upon seeing actor Eriq F. Prince in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip "The Disaster Show". I recall the director telling him that he had "a perfect performance". Eriq F. Prince was riveting I think the other producers would have agreed with me that if the show would have kept going Eriq F. Prince would have become a major star in only a few more episodes. His charisma and on screen presence is dominant. His acting skills are natural, and well, to say the least, the camera absolutely loves Eriq where he is extremely photogenic. It'll be good to see more in him when his film is released which is titled "Seat of Justice", which was directed by Alex Kazan starring Jeremy London: who also literally stated "Eriq Prince makes ever seen better". Look for more from this rising star. Eriq F. Prince is a driven professional actor and is sure to make a strong splash in Hollywood.

Variety Magazine.

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