Jack Gutowitz
Personal details
Birth place Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Profession Screenwriter
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Role Writer's Assistant
Jack Gutowitz, born October 17, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is a screenwriter. He was a writer's assistant for the NBC drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He also co-wrote the story for the episode . He was an assistant for Studio 60 creator Aaron Sorkin's earlier series The West Wing.



He was an assistant for Studio 60 creator Aaron Sorkin's earlier series The West Wing. He joined the crew as an Assistant to the Producers for the fifth season. He remained in this role for the sixth season. He became a Production Assistant for the seventh season. He also worked as a Production Assistant on the HBO series The Comeback in 2005.

He shared the Studio 60 Writer's Assistant role with Ian Reichbach. They joined the crew after the series was picked up for the first season and debuted with . They co-wrote the story for the episode {ep|20}}. Sorkin wrote the teleplay for the episode.

Sorkin also hired him as a writing assistant for his work on the film Charlie Wilson's War.

He has since worked on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as an assistant to Executive Producer Kenneth Fink and then a Script Co-ordinator. He has also assisted Fink on The Odds and Miami Medical.


Writer's AssistantEdit

"Pilot" ' ' ' '
' ' ' ' '
' ' ' ' '
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"Pilot" "The Cold Open" "The Focus Group" "The West Coast Delay" "The Long Lead Story"
"The Wrap Party" "Nevada Day: Part 1" "Nevada Day: Part 2" "The Option Period" "B-12"
"The Christmas Show" "Monday" "The Harriet Dinner: Part I" "The Harriet Dinner: Part II" "The Friday Night Slaughter"
"4 AM Miracle" "The Disaster Show" "Breaking News" "K & R: Part 1" '
"K & R: Part 3" "What Kind of Day Has It Been"

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