Studio 60 title card
The show is a live sketch comedy show, similar to NBC's Saturday Night Live. The show is aired on Fridays at 11:30 PM[1] and is currently celebrating its 20th season. The show first aired in 1986.

The show is produced now by Matt Albie and Danny Tripp.

Previous to the hiring of Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, the show averaged nine million households.

In its glory days, the show was the late night appointment on Friday nights. But in recent years — some say since the departure of the creative team of Matt Albie and Danny Tripp — the show has lost its sizzle and bite. [2]

Current CastEdit

Production StaffEdit

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Hosts and Musical GuestsEdit

20th SeasonEdit



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  2. Chaos on the Set, Daily Variety, Studio 60 Edition

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