"The Christmas Show"
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date December 3, 2006
Written by Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay

Christina Kiang Booth &
Cinque Henderson - Story

Directed by Dan Attias
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The Christmas Show is the eleventh episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The teleplay was written by Aaron Sorkin from a story by Christina Kiang Booth & Cinque Henderson. It premiered on December 3, 2006.



With a holiday show on the horizon, Matt is determined to bring the Christmas spirit to Studio 60. Meanwhile, following a visit to the OB/GYN, Danny has to confront his true feelings for Jordan. Harriett is offered a career changing opportunity. Tom and Simon jump at the opportunity to assist the writing team to write Christmas based sketches in order to enjoy the company of a certain member of the writing team, however their presence is seen as more of a hindrance by the writing staff. When Danny discovers that band members from various TV shows intend to call in sick in an effort to help musicians who have been homeless since Hurricane Katrina, he takes the opportunity to create an entire band from New Orleans musicians who play a centerpiece on the show.





  1. Matthew Perry as Matt Albie
  2. Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere
  3. Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp
  4. Steven Weber as Jack Rudolph
  5. D.L. Hughley as Simon Stiles
  6. Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes
  7. Nate Corddry as Tom Jeter
  8. Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley

Guest starring

  1. Mark McKinney as Andy Mackinaw
  2. Merritt Wever as Suzanne
  3. Lucy Davis as Lucy Kenwright
  4. Columbus Short as Darius Hawthorne
  5. Nate Torrence as Dylan Killington
  6. John Mahon as George
  7. Josh Stamberg as Luke Scott
  8. Ben Bode as the OB/GYN doctor
  9. Scott Lawrence as NBC legal counsel
  10. Juan Garcia as Ian

Special guest stars

  1. Ed Asner as Wilson White


  1. Kevin Eubanks as himself
  2. William Stanford Davis as the Floor Manager
  3. Troy Michael Andrews as the Trumpet player
  4. Mimi Cozzens as Mrs. White
  5. Teresa Huang as a Nurse
  6. Larry Stahoviak as an Assistant
  7. William Duffy (voice)
  8. Joey Thurston III as a Cue card tech


  1. Bob French as Himself - Musical Guest
  2. Kirk Joseph as Himself - Musical Guest
  3. Roderick Paulin as Himself - Musical Guest


Opening credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Creator
  2. W.G. Snuffy Walden - Music
  3. Patrick Ward - Producer
  4. Mark Goffman - Producer
  5. Eli Attie - Co-executive Producer
  6. Dylan K. Massin - Produced by
  7. Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay
  8. Christina Kiang Booth &
  9. Cinque Henderson - Story
  10. Dan Attias - Director

Closing credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Executive Producer
  2. Thomas Schlamme - Executive Producer
  3. Dana Calvo - Story Editor
  4. Jessica Brickman - Staff Writer
  5. David Handelman - Staff Writer
  6. Cinque Henderson - Staff Writer
  7. Melissa Myers - Staff Writer
  8. Amy Turner - Staff Writer



  • During a meeting, writers are debunking various Christmas traditions and beliefs. One of the writers refers to the "Immaculate Conception" as being the same as the "virgin birth." The "Immaculate Conception" is Catholic dogma that refers to the conception of Mary, not Christ. It claims that Mary was conceived without "Original Sin" and has nothing to do with the virgin birth.



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