"The Wrap Party"
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date October 23, 2006
Written by Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay

Melissa Myers and
Amy Turner - Story

Directed by David Semel
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The Wrap Party is the sixth episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The teleplay was written by Aaron Sorkin from a story by Melissa Myers and Amy Turner and directed by David Semel. It premiered on October 23, 2006.



A drunken Jordan makes friends with the cast during an after-show party, Danny tries to get Matt's mind off Harriet with the help of three sexy women, Simon makes a plea to hire more black writers and Cal deals with a mysterious man backstage (guest star Eli Wallach).





  1. Matthew Perry as Matt Albie
  2. Amanda Peet as Jordan McDeere
  3. Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp
  4. Steven Weber as Jack Rudolph
  5. D.L. Hughley as Simon Stiles
  6. Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes
  7. Nate Corddry as Tom Jeter
  8. Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley

Guest stars

  1. Nancy Lenehan as Mrs. Jeter
  2. Randy Oglesby as Mr. Jeter
  3. Columbus Short as Darius Hawthorne
  4. Teddy Sears as Darren Wells
  5. Diana-Maria Riva as Lilly Rodriguez
  6. Merritt Wever as Suzanne
  7. Mystro Clark as Willy Wilz
  8. Ayda Field as Jeannie Whatley
  9. Simon Helberg as Alex Dwyer
  10. Nate Torrence as Dylan Killington

Special guest stars

  1. Eli Wallach as Eli Weinraub


  1. Camille Chen as Samantha Li
  2. Sarah Christine Smith as Treasure
  3. Vanessa Born as Laci
  4. Hayley Marie Norman as Shana
  5. Budd Friedman as Himself
  6. Kirstin Pierce as Marylyn Rudolph
  7. Gregg D. Wilson as Improv MC
  8. Stacey Hinnen as Sound Engineer #1
  9. Mike Zent as Sound Engineer #2
  10. Alejandro Furth as Security Officer #1
  11. Reggie Jordan as Security Officer #2
  12. Geno Monteiro as Posse Boy #1
  13. Brett Barrett as Posse Boy #2


  1. Lauren Graham as Herself - Guest Host


Opening credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Creator
  2. W.G. Snuffy Walden - Music
  3. Mark Goffman - Producer
  4. Patrick Ward - Producer
  5. Eli Attie - Co-executive Producer
  6. Dylan K. Massin - Produced by
  7. Aaron Sorkin - Teleplay
  8. Melissa Myers &
  9. Amy Turner - Story
  10. David Semel - Director

Opening credits

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Executive Producer
  2. Thomas Schlamme - Executive Producer
  3. Dana Calvo - Story Editor
  4. Jessica Brickman - Staff Writer
  5. David Handelman - Staff Writer
  6. Cinque Henderson - Staff Writer
  7. Melissa Myers - Staff Writer
  8. Amy Turner - Staff Writer



  • Tom tells his parents about the night Abbot and Costello wrote the famous comedy sketch "Who's on First?" If he was really such a fan, he would have known that although Abbott and Costello made the sketch famous, they did not write it. It was a version of an old vaudeville number that had been around for years.
  • The first screen-test of adding sound to moving pictures took place on March 24th, 1921 in Berlin. Dr. Jo Engl, Josef Masolle and Hans Vogt invented the sound-film. In 1926 they tried to sell the patent on the American market after having failed to do so in Germany. William Fox (20th Century Fox) outbid the Warner Brothers.


Jack Rudolph: Guess who’s in the hizouse?
Cal Shanley: Suzanne! Tarps over everything!


  • Schlamme, T. & Sorkin, A. (Executive Producers). (2006, October 23). Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [Television program]. Burbank, California: Warner Bros. Television.
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